Custom Jewelry

At NASR Jewelers we are the Leader in Custom Design. We have the ability to make your imagination come to life. You can bring us your idea, drawing, or image found online, and we create this into a CAD rendering which then gets sent to the manufacturing process - All done in house. We use only the best metals, stones, and findings. Every piece from our store comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 

NASR Jewelers purchases more diamonds and metals than any jewelry store in the are; and unlike most jewelers, we do everything in-house. This gives us the ability not only to beat any price - but offer only the Guaranteed Lowest Price!

Your Idea

Your Idea

Bring us any drawing, picture(s), or just a simple idea and we can make it become a reality. We have the ability to turn multiple photos, or drawings into one piece of jewelry. A custom piece of jewelry isnt just a fashion statement - it defines you! This is why us at NASR Jewelers will take on any job to creat you your dream piece of jewelry.

AD Rendering

CAD Modeling

After we have looked over your drawings, our jewelry professional trained in CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) starts to create a virtual 3D model of your piece. Using a state of the art system, the CAD professional has the ability to show you what your finished piece will look like before it is sent to the casting process to make sure it exceeds your standards.

inished Piece

Finished Piece

After the piece has finished the CAD process, it is printed into a wax (prototype) model. This is then cooked in an oven burning at over 1200 degrees in order to create a mold. After the mold is created we then pour in the molten metal, and set any stones necessary. The piece is then polished and inspected for any imperfections before the customer takes ownership. At NASR Jewelers we dont only create beautiful jewelry, but a perfect piece that will last you a lifetime (given our free limited lifetime warranty).